A Case History of success

Who is?

Club Esse has been operating since 2000 in various sectors in the world of tourism, with 11 destinations along Italy’s most beautiful beaches, a business hotel in Rome and a ski hotel in Pila.

With its brand Fun For Life, Club Esse also runs entertainment activities and provides assistance in many other prestigious holiday resorts throughout Italy.

With its Hero Camps, Club Esse also meets the needs of families travelling with children of various ages.

What does it do?

Club Esse manages all its holiday villages directly, paying particular attention and care to the quality of the catering, guest care and entertainment staff.

Club Esse’s objective: to meet expectations
and render its customers’ holidays unique and unforgettable, trusting in a service of excellence and a qualified staff ready to immediately respond to needs.

How does it work?

One effective method for improving resort management is to exploit data. From its careful reading and interpretation, valuable insights into the market, trends and customers can be gained.

Thanks to SeiSoddisfatto? Club Esse was able to map out the identikit of the ideal customer, both Italian and foreign, to then work on the accommodation that proves to be the most attractive element amongst its clientèle.

Why us?

  • SeiSoddisfatto? sends periodic reports that allow the management to effectively manage the Resorts;
  • SeiSoddisfatto? sends real-time alerts directly to facility managers to promptly intervene as needed;
  • SeiSoddisfatto? develops anonymous questionnaires for Club Esse to trace the identikit of the ideal customer;
  • SeiSoddisfatto? encourages the publication of positive reviews on Club Esse’s social media channels.


Marco Baldisseri

Sales Director

”Our mission is to have satisfied but, above all, happy customers. To achieve this ambitious objective, it is important to surround yourself with trained employees who can meet the needs of the guests. Thanks to SeiSoddisfatto?, we can monitor our customers’ perceptions in real time and immediately intervene, because for us they are not just tourists on holiday but friends to be pampered.”

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