Collect opinions directly at the point of the experience

The satisfaction questionnaire, without intermediaries, that is fun and in real time.

How does it work?

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A preliminary study of the questionnaire

Choose a ready-made questionnaire or trust in our experts to construct the best customised questionnaire for your type of business and target customer.

Demo questions, usability of graphics, redundancy check, further insights in the event of bad content, NPS and skip logic are just some of our services.

Viewable on any type of PC, smartphone or tablet device.

Nothing could be simpler.

The SeiSoddisfatto? totem is made in Italy, being light and easy to use, ships as Plug&Play, with nothing to install, and is even equipped with a stand-alone 3G connection that also requires no installation.

Choose the size that suits you

  • Totems

    Dimensions 35x121x45

  • Bimbi totems

    Dimensions 35x101x45

  • Countertop totems

    Dimensions 32x30,5x23

  • QR Display/NFC

    Customisable dimensions

Analysis of the results

Access your control panel updated in real time on the progress of the survey and even filter the results for in-depth analysis. Receive results in convenient pdf or Excel reports. Manage access levels based on the corporate role and send different reports to specific people.

Discover the reports

We customise the media and interface according to your corporate identity

Colours, fonts, layouts, logos – we offer you a wide range of combinations.

1 or 1000 points of sale

Manage the ranking of your outlets, assess your brand reputation in the different countries and take action where necessary.

Compare performance between different outlets, provide operatives with targets to achieve by offering real comparative data.

Why should I choose SeiSoddisfatto?

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  • Italian design, Made in Italy
  • Device and application customisation
  • Questions with jumping logic
  • Multiple questionnaires on the same Totem
  • Automatic incentive to leave reviews on social media
  • Email and telephone number collection possible
  • ISO 9001 certified company
  • QR Code integrated into the device
  • Dedicated customer care
  • GDPR-compliant with EU servers


  • Components with non-certified origin
  • Limited customisation
  • Mandatory limitation to the number of applications
  • Only one questionnaire possible
  • No interaction with social media channels
  • No database option
  • No certification
  • No QR Code
  • No guaranteed assistance
  • Servers in non-EU countries

Choose targeted action and transform your business

All our services are scalable and reliable.
Tell me who you are and I will tell you what we can do for you

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Our satisfied clients

What if I need assistance?

Dedicated ongoing assistance

SeiSoddisfatto? offers dedicated and continuous support for any kind of need or problem.

Rest assured, we will always be there for you!

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