A Case History of success

Who is?

Areas is the third-largest global operator of concession catering (Airports, Highways, Railway Stations and Leisure) present in 12 countries throughout Europe and the USA.

In Italy, better known as MyChef Ristorazione Commerciale SpA, it develops a turnover of 180 million euro, serving 50 million customers in more than 170 points of sale.

What does it do?

Areas Italia is a leader in commercial catering in airports and is amongst the top operators in the motorway sector. It is also present in high-traffic sites such as trade fairs, universities and business hubs.

Areas Italia’s Objective: to understand customer needs in order to build customer loyalty and differentiate itself from competitors through the development and management of innovative retail formats.

How does it work?

The path provided by marketing in the restaurant industry starts with a good dose of data and a good spirit of observation.

Thanks to SeiSoddisfatto?, Areas Italia was able to draw a complete and realistic picture of the situation. This allowed the group to have a clearer vision of the objectives to be achieved right from the outset, establishing a roadmap of the steps to be implemented in their marketing strategy.

Why us?

  • SeiSoddisfatto? sends periodic reports that allow management to approve new strategies and commercial activities;
  • SeiSoddisfatto? sends real-time alerts directly to restaurant coordinators to promptly intervene in accordance with diners’ needs;
  • SeiSoddisfatto? develops various questionnaires for Areas Italia, both for the airport and motorway network;
  • SeiSoddisfatto? has increased Areas Italia’s brand awareness and trust in end-consumers through social incentives.


Marco Beretta

Areas Italia Marketing and Purchasing Director

“Listening to the people who choose us every day is a key ingredient for us to create gourmet cuisine of the highest quality. Good help comes from SeiSoddisfatto?, which sends reports of individual POS to the operatives who can then immediately intervene when necessary. In our industry, quality and speed go hand-in-hand.”

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