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Who is?

KOS is a leading Italian healthcare group operating in social and health care, residential chronic care, rehabilitation and psychiatry.
The KOS Group has facilities in 11 Italian regions and 2 foreign countries, with a total of over 13,000 beds.
KOS also operates 15 outpatient rehabilitation and diagnostic centres along with 14 diagnostic and radiotherapy centres in India.

What does it do?

All residences of the KOS Group aim to improve the quality of life of patients, with excellent healthcare services plus facilities for long-term care and extensive rehabilitation.

The quality of the stay is constantly monitored, according to standard procedures applied to the entire chain of everyone’s reception and care.

The KOS objective: to maintain very high levels of service as standard procedure, to fully meet the expectations of both patients and their families.

How does it work?

Thanks to SeiSoddisfatto?, KOS is able to monitor the degree of satisfaction for guests and their relatives within the various facilities.

The results of such monitoring are promptly shared with the coordinators of each facility and discussed with all employees as part of a project for continuous improvement.

Why us?

  • SeiSoddisfatto? allows KOS to set up questionnaires without any constraints in terms of the number of active surveys or the type of question;
  • SeiSoddisfatto? allows KOS to publish multiple questionnaires on the same device, in multiple facilities and with different types of services (such as inpatient stays and visits, etcetera);
  • SeiSoddisfatto? allows KOS to collate information by type of service performed;
  • SeiSoddisfatto? sends real-time alerts in the event of any dissatisfaction;
  • SeiSoddisfatto? provides KOS with ongoing support during email surveys.


Simona Lombardi

Innovative Services

“SeiSoddisfatto? is an indispensable tool for monitoring the adherence of our employees’ behaviour to the ‘house style’ and intervene where necessary, even at short notice.”

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