A Case History of success

Who is?

Mirabilandia is a theme and water amusement park in Emilia-Romagna, located in the Savio district of the municipality of Ravenna (RA).

With a total area of 850,000 m² – of which 550,000 are occupied by the theme park and 120,000 by the aquatic area, with the remainder being car parks – it is the largest amusement park in Italy.

What does it do?

With over 45 attractions, rides and shows of various kinds and for all ages, Mirabilandia is now the largest amusement park in Italy.

Mirabilandia’s obective: to obtain feedback that can identify possible areas for improvement, gather objective information and immediately act based on the results.

How does it work?

Gathering, processing and storing relevant information both from the point of view of existing procedures and in order to identify critical issues are extremely important points for the company in updating the organisational system.

Thanks to SeiSoddisfatto?, Mirabilandia was able to preliminarily map the attractions, analyse the frequency of visits and understand the customer’s willingness to recommend the company to others.

Why us?

  • SeiSoddisfatto? sends real-time alerts;
  • SeiSoddisfatto? sends location comparison reports;
  • SeiSoddisfatto? supports marketing strategies with a Net Promoter Score (NPS);
  • SeiSoddisfatto? collects data in order to highlight information that suggests conclusions and supports business decisions;
  • SeiSoddisfatto? allows you to customise the questionnaire for thematic areas such as catering, ticketing and the information office.


Nicola Vandi

Marketing Manager

“With SeiSoddisfatto?, we receive tonnes of feedback every day and in real time, with the possibility of being able to instantly take action to meet the needs of our users.”

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