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80% of potential customers check your reviews before contacting you. Online reviews are the new word-of-mouth, yet 1000 times more powerful

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Reviews increase your trustworthiness and generate contacts

Online reviews are important since they help showcase your company’s reputation and improve your search rankings. Google scans the web for useful content, so if your business has quality reviews when someone searches for your product or service, Google will favour your visibility over the competitors.

Get more 5-star reviews in 3 simple steps

Send a simple question via email or text message to ensure full satisfaction and only once the customer responds positively so that, in 2 seconds and in 3 simple steps, they can write a review on your social media channels.

The Improvement Kit

The personalized improvement kit will allow you to obtain positive reviews directly at the point of sale. By framing a QR code or using a card with NFC technology, the customer will be able to access the satisfaction questionnaire and only in the case of a positive evaluation will they have access to your social channels and be able to write their review.

Outperform your competitors in terms of reviews

We offer you comparisons with your main competitors so you can constantly monitor how your ranking varies over time and see the impact of your incentivising actions.

Web reputation score®: the simple result of a complex algorithm

The clear and simple result of continuous analysis of your company’s reputation. Comparisons with national and local industry benchmarks.
A single indicator.

AI Reply Assistant, artificial intelligence

With the Artificial Intelligence Response Assistant, you can respond to a review in less than 30 seconds, generating unique and personalized responses.

Report & Alert

Sei Soddisfatto Review Manager allows you to receive detailed reports, in a convenient and easy-to-read format. You will thus be able to visualize the perception of your service level over time and effortlessly understand how and where to intervene. Furthermore, when your position in the rankings changes compared to your competitors, you will receive an alert that will notify you of what has happened.

1 or 1000 points of sale

Manage the ranking of your outlets, assess your brand reputation in the different countries and take action where necessary.

Compare performance between different outlets, provide operatives with targets to achieve by offering real comparative data.

Choose targeted action and transform your business

All our services are scalable and reliable.
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